Farming | Perfecting the art of orchard growing cannabis

One of our core beliefs at Abide is to be stewards of the environment and promote the benefits of living in co-operation with the land. Growing cannabis is environmentally friendly as it is naturally hardy and resistant to pests. All our Cannabis is sun grown outdoors.

We value the process that goes into perfecting a craft. There are no short cuts to learning by experience, practice, and dedication. In this way, all Abide products are artisanal. All our cannabis is craft grown locally by a select group of tremendously talented and hard-working women. Our products are made exclusively with natural, botanical ingredients that you recognize when reading the labels. They are hand produced in small batches locally by us to ensure the highest standards are met. It's not about maximizing efficiencies and economies of scale, it's all about bringing the highest quality THC/CBD products directly to you.