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Even before the legalization of Cannabis, Abide Inc has always been passionate about exploring and unlocking all the opportunities Cannabis/Hemp products have to offer. Over the years Abide have collaborated with many hemp producers and continue to launch new CBD products to the Canadian markets under the WholeHemp brand. Abide is excited to announce a new THC line of products that will broaden their variety creating a wider selection of products in the market.




Feel the Vibe with ABIDE! Our sun grown outdoor full-spectrum Cannabis blends come in two moods. The 6:9 (6% THC to 9% CBD) milled flower is a chill blend that delivers a light high, a nice and productive vibe for your social times. Looking to turn it up? Try our second 10:4 (14g) milled flower offering that provides a more uplifting party mood (10% THC to 4% CBD) that will keep the moments festive.

Also try our CBD+THC Cream in all botanical ingredients made with shea butter and infused organic sunflower oil.  >LEARN MORE






    All WholeHemp CBD products are produced in small batches here in Ontario and all of our products are full spectrum, made from the whole plant, not isolates or purified CBD. WholeHemp have developed all formulations to be 100% botanical using only the highest quality ingredients. > MORE