Simple Steps to Submit Your Samples

1. Download the sample submission form (here). The form must be complete and signed. Please send us the signed document via email at

3. We will notify you via email once our lab has approved your submission form.

4. You can now proceed to add relevant services to the cart and confirm the order.

5. Making payment. 

    - Credit card through our website securely (coming soon)
    - Money order or bank draft - must accompany the shipment of samples
    - Cash - must be submitted in-person (do not mail)
    - Certified cheque - must accompany the submission/shipment of samples
    - Interac - - please include your invoice numbers in the note section. Password must be sent to the same email address prior to making the payment.

5. Please note that if you are a corporate organization, a copy of your licence must be provided. You can email the document to

Our lab will begin testing your samples only when the submission form and payments are received in good order.  

Sample Preparation

Each sample must be packaged in a clean, sealed, leaked proof and odour-proof container. 

Minimum Weight/Volumn Requirement

2 grams for dried cannabis
2 mL for oil or liquid form cannabis
1 mL for concentrates  

Once your samples are ready for shipping, please send them to the following address;

Abide Inc. 
1551 Caterpillar Road,
Mississauga, ON
L4X 2Z6 Canada
Attn: Lab Services

 We recommend shipping method with tracking number to prevent loss of samples. Alternatively, you can also drop them off at our lab by contacting us. Our authorized personnel will be happy to receive the samples from you.


*Please note that we only provide our services to Canadian organization and individuals.